What my clients say

I found Jacqueline Dunne to be a very approachable person with a great sense of humour who listens intently to what you are saying to her then helps to the best of her ability. The Reiki and the oils which Jaqui uses were very relaxing and I am sure they have played a big part in my increased well being.
Ms E of Emmer Green Ms E of Emmer Green
I had such a fabulous colour session with Jacqui recently. I admit I was a bit sceptical at first about how reading colours could act as a therapy, but as a colour consultant I went in with an open mind and great interest. Well, in fact, it blew my mind. By choosing different coloured bottles that I was attracted to for no apparent reason Jacqui used her knowledge to unravel the meanings and wow, did they have a lot of meanings. The session helped me deal with a situation that was looming that I didn’t realise was weighing quite so heavily but by the time I left I felt quite lifted. Thank you for opening my eyes to this fabulous new way that colour can affect and enhance our lives.Sarah of Caversham
I was advised to see Jacqui by a friend for Reiki Healing Sessions a few years ago. I have been going to see Jacqui for nearly two years for treatment. I feel that I can trust Jacqui and feel that she is always in tune with me and my needs. I always feel relaxed and comfortable and feel the benefits of the healing long after my treatment with Jacqui. She really is very spiritual and has had a very positive influence in my life since the time we have been working together.Ms E of Caversham
I have just experienced a wonderful essential oils face, neck and upper body massage (Aromatherapy Massage) from Jacqui. I have problems sleeping, so I thought I would give it a try. I am a bit of a sceptic, but Hey! it might work. I had the best night’s sleep I have had in months and I didn’t even have to get up to the loo. Wonderful! I now know the essential oils I need to help relaxation and sleep Thank you Jacqui. I may well be back.Sue, a very satisfied client
Jacqui treated me with a series of Aromatherapy Massage Sessions, which helped me to feel very relaxed and reduced the pain in my shoulders a great deal. I would highly recommend Jacqui to anyone coping with stress or pain!Catherine - Reading
It’s important to maintain your health and wellbeing, and Jacqui certainly provided the suitable holistic healing I needed in the form of a Reiki healing session with hands, colours and crystals. It was good to discuss the various methods and properties used, and I learned a lot about the various forms of Reiki from Jacqui, not to mention a reduction in stress and an increased balance within my physical makeup. Alice - Reading
I had a course of four Aromatherapy Massage Treatments with Jacqui to detox after a period of stress and rebalance my hormone levels. The treatments were stimulating and very relaxing and Jacqui took a lot of care in choosing suitable oils for me. I have felt the benefit for several weeks now.Alison