Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy - Liata Therapies Reading Caversham

NB   Liata Therapies also offer Colour Mirrors Oracle Card Readings and Your Name in colour  via Zoom.  Please contact Jacqueline for more information. 

Colour therapy helps to heighten  your awareness of the energy of colour and how it can transform your life, helping to rebalance your health and wellbeing.

Colour is all around us and by analysing the colours we chose we can glean a lot of information about our inner selves.

The Colour Mirrors System of dual coloured bottles, essences and cards can be a very powerful tool to reach deep into our subconscious mind to gain insights into why we do the things we do and perhaps more importantly, why we do not. It can highlight patterns of behaviour and beliefs that prevent us from moving forwards. Letting you create a more abundant and successful life.

Readings using the Colour Mirror Oracle Cards can be used to find out more about a particular situation or problem. These can be great fun as well as informative.  Readings can be done face to face or via Zoom.

Your Name in Colour  gives you a visual colourful insight into your company name or personal name (especially if you have more than one way to spell it or a nickname).   This is only available online.    Contact Jacqueline for more information.

Colour Therapy - Liata Therapies Reading Caversham


I had such a fabulous colour session with Jacqui recently. I admit I was a bit sceptical at first about how reading colours could act as a therapy, but as a colour consultant I went in with an open mind and great interest. Well, in fact, it blew my mind. By choosing different coloured bottles that I was attracted to for no apparent reason Jacqui used her knowledge to unravel the meanings and wow, did they have a lot of meanings. The session helped me deal with a situation that was looming that I didn’t realise was weighing quite so heavily but by the time I left I felt quite lifted. Thank you for opening my eyes to this fabulous new way that colour can affect and enhance our lives.Sarah of Caversham