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15 January 2018  –  Colour therapy tips to help you survive Blue Monday 

Did you know that the third Monday of January is considered to be the most miserable day of the year and is referred to as Blue Monday?

According to a statistician back in 2005 – it’s down to a combination of post-holiday blues, cold dark days and, for many, the arrival of the dreaded post-Christmas credit card bill. It’s also around this time many of us will have failed in keeping well intentioned New Year’s resolutions.

Why it’s referred to as Blue Monday :  In colour therapy, blue represents feelings and emotions of sadness, stress, the debilitating sense of not being heard, nightmares (especially in children) and a lack of communication. In other words, the stuff that makes us miserable.

How to banish feeling Blue  :  The good news is that a colour also has its positive characteristics. For instance, blue also represents great communication, going with the flow, intuition, angelic support, authority, masculinity, being artistic as well as analytical. Focus on these and you have the tools needed to help you keep a positive outlook and not allow the short term gloom get the better of you.

It’s also useful to note that in colour therapy there are three other hues of Blue: Turquoise, Indigo and Blue Lilac. So if you’re feeling the negatives of a particular blue, well, there is no need to steer clear of the colour entirely; you still have three other tones to choose from!

Furthermore, you can also counteract the negative characteristics of a colour by wearing or surrounding yourself with its complementary colour. Orange is a fantastic complementary colour to blue because it has the power to help uplift negative emotions.

A pause for thought …      Finally, all because some statistician says it’s going to be a miserable day, well, does it really have to be? There are people who actually make a point to celebrate Blue Monday by doing whatever it takes to stay cheery. And that is to party, have fun, or just be a bit silly!



RETREAT IN SUFFOLK – 4 and 5 November 2017

My first retreat and what an experience it turned out to be. We stayed in a 16th century building just outside Lavenham in Suffolk and I slept in the Rose room overlooking fields as far as I could see. The weekend was full of activities which we could join in or just chill out. I decided to participate in all of them. In for a penny – in for a pound , as they say.
On this weekend there was also a full moon, a Super moon. That night as we made our way to the fire ceremony, the clouds parted right on cue and the moon beamed so brightly down on us as we symbolically threw into the fire those thoughts and emotions that we wanted to release. That night I slept with the light of the moon streaming in through the window. Just magical. The finale on the Sunday afternoon was a melodious stimulating gong bath given by the co-owner of the retreat centre. An incredible end to an incredible weekend.



It was the first time for the Its Your Life Show to be held at the Oakwood Centre in Woodley and it looks like it will become its permanent home as it was so successful. It was a fabulous show with many exhibitors and a really vibrant energy. It was lovely to catch up with old friends and to meet new ones.

I am looking forward to the next one which will be held on Sunday 6 May 2018 so put the date in your diary and I hope to meet you there.




4.5.and 6 August 2017

I’ve a score to settle with that mountain’
With those words in mind off we set for another attempt at climbing Snowden. Last year’s attempt to get to the summit in memory of our mutual friend, Carol Massey, having been cancelled as the weather was so awful – heavy rain and 70 mph winds! As you can tell from the pictures taken at the time.
This time I knew that I was not fit enough to walk up and down, so decided to take the train up and walk down. I met with the others who had walked up and we set off in thick mist and rain. As we came down the path and went under the railway bridge it was like we were in a different world. It was bright sunshine and really hot and sunny for the rest of the descent. The Hotel was a welcome sight where a lovely cold drink awaited all of us at the bar!!




For many people 2016 was a challenging year and one they were happy to say goodbye to.  2017 promises to be a lot calmer and fruitful.  The Colour Mirrors bottle associated with 2017 is No 17 The Wish.

With the coral we have the love, care , nurture and self acceptance,  and with the indigo we have the intuition and psychic sight to help us see our future path.

The Wish is all about new beginnings, having your wishes fulfilled, and a time for positive payback for all the good you have done.  It also indicates a new way of describing yourself, marriage, a new career, there are many new possibilities.

To find your year bottle, add your day of birth to your month of birth and then add 2017, (using one digit foe each number) .  Keep adding until you get a single number number   ie   my birthday is 17 April,  1+7+0+4+2+0+1+7 = 22 :   2+2=4.

For me personally my year bottle for 2017 is No 4 Uranus,   one in which I will have to work hard to clear the old beliefs, structures, people and places that stop me from moving forward.

When you have a number, please contact me and I will let you know what 2017 holds in store for you.

NEW YEAR OFFER  :  With the start of the New Year I would love to invite you to sample colour therapy.  Find out how my coloured bottles can highlight patterns of behaviour and help us to move forwards.  I am offering  a session for the special price of £17.00 for 2017 (usual price is £25.00 per session), if you book before 28 February 2017.


It’s Your Life Show! – Sunday 16th October 2016


The It’s Your Life Show in Reading was a great success.  It was wonderful to meet lots of fellow therapists and the energy at the event was very positive.  It’s the first time we were at the Crowne Plaza which was perfect for this event and everything went really well.  It was also a special event for me, as all monies given for my treatments were donated to Macmillan Cancer Support and Children in Need, in honour of Massey’s Mountain Challenge (see the article below for more details).  The next It’s Your Life show will be in April 2017, so watch this space for more updates.

It's Your Life - Banner

Massey’s Mountain Challenge – 3rd September 2016

The big day arrived.  With the predicted forecast of heavy rain and strong, blustery winds and a 50-50 chance of the train running, it was decided that we could not attempt meeting at the summit as it would be too risky.  Not to be deterred, we rearranged our plans,  pulled on our waterproofs and walked as far as we could.  The TOG spirit remained high and kept us all going despite some of us being literally soaked to the skin!  It was fantastic to have a dedicated group ranging from 8 to over 65, all encouraging each other and raising a fantastic amount of money in memory of Carol Massey.  So far, we’ve raised over £3,100  (without Gift Aid), smashing our original target of £1,000.  Thanks so much to everybody who supported us.  The money is going towards Macmillan Cancer Support and Children in Need.  If you would like to make a donation please click here, any amount would be very gratefully received.



Massey’s Mountain Challenge – Training

On the 3rd September, please think of me as I will be taking on a charity Mountain Challenge and walking / scrabbling (!) to the summit of Snowdon!  This is something I have been building up to all year (even walking miles whilst on my recent holidays in Ischia in Italy and Alicante in Spain)!  A team of over 30 are taking part, with those who can’t walk the distance going by train and the rest of us will be encouraging each other along the challenging 8 mile route.  We are raising money in memory of our friend Carol who sadly lost her fight against cancer in February of this year.  If you’d like to make a donation, no matter how small, it would be very gratefully received (and will help ease the pain in my aching muscles!).  All monies raised will go towards Macmillan Cancer Support & Children In Need:

Alicante Italy1 Italy
409a5db6-79ff-4d99-8f7c-2937f6f65d54_1460252314688 Bluebells Walk

It’s Your Life Show! – Sunday 16th October 2016

The It’s Your Life Show! will be coming back to Reading on Sunday 16th October from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  Please note that for this show we have moved to the fantastic Crowne Plaza Hotel Reading, Caversham Bridge, RG1 8BD.   This event is free to attend with many stalls selling natural products ranging from skincare to food to cosmetics and much more. This year there will be a room dedicated to pampering with taster sessions, so come and have a facial or discover a new therapy.  I will be there all day with my bottles and would love to welcome you to my stall.  I will be offering a taster reading for £10.

Here are some photos from the Spring event, which had a great energy:

Show1 Show4 Show3

Charity Coffee Morning – 19th May 2016

We were delighted to raise £90 for Macmillan Cancer Support at our recent colour coffee morning, featuring the colour red.  Thanks to Sarah (Absolutely Fabulous Image) and Diana (Your Good Health – Naturally) for their talks and everybody else who came along and supported the event.  Photos by Pixel Perfect Photograhy.

Event6 Event3
Event2 Event5

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