Crystal Therapy

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Crystal Therapy is an ancient healing system that treats patients through the precise placement of specific crystals on and around the body.

Crystals have a built in vibration/energy that is constant and the body tunes into this vibration to help it to heal / rebalance itself.

Clients lay on the treatment couch fully clothed (it is advised to wear as much natural clothing as possible) and the crystals are laid on or around the body.

They are then left in position for about 20 minutes during which time Reiki may also be given to enhance the overall treatment.

Clients have reported feeling slight tingling, a sensation of floating during the treatment and all have left feeling much calmer than when they arrived.

Some popular crystals you can try at home

Amethyst – is said to relieve headaches and if placed under a pillow can alleviate nightmares.
Green Aventurine – is said to declutter the mind and aid concentration.
Lapis Lazuli – is said to aid communication.